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Yankee Appraisal & Title Services, LLC provides residential real estate appraisals, title searches, deed recordings and flood determinations throughout the state of Connecticut. We have been serving the lending community since 1997. We offer a variety of appraisals to meet every client's needs. Our reports are presented in a professional, accurate and efficient manner. We utilize a network of highly trained professionals to perform all appraisal and title services. We are fully insured against errors and omissions.

Appraisal & Title Search Services


Why do I need an appraisal?

An accurate, compliant appraisal is the first step to finalizing the details of real estate transactions, enabling you to make informed decisions about property.


Types of appraisals

Yankee performs appraisals of 1-4 family homes, condos, mobile homes, land and building lots, as well as related title services and flood determinations.

Types of Appraisals

Island Appraisals

Yankee Appraisal offers appraisals for islands along the Connecticut coasts. Our company boat is available for island home appraisals.

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Connecticut Appraisals
  • Form 1004 Single family home
  • Form 1073 Full Appraisal on condo
  • Single Family FHA
  • Form 1025 2-4 family appriasal
  • Form 2055 Full Exterior appraisal
  • Form 1075 Full Exterior Condo appraisal
  • Form 704 Drive by appraisal
  • Form 1004C Mobile Home appraisal
  • Approved Building Lot/Land appraisal
Title Work
  • Title Search - Current Owner Rundown
  • Full title search (40 year)
  • Deed Recording & Research Fee

Flood Determinations
  • Flood Determination - Life of Loan
  • Flood Determination - One Time
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